Industrial Park
Industrial Park

Solution Background

As we are in the modern industrial era, the manufacturing industries are developing with an unbelievable speed. The corresponding effects it brought are the expansion of industrial park as well as employees and more advanced management methods. Hence the requirements for video surveillance system are much higher to ensure the safety of daily operation. As a result, video surveillance system plays a vital role in industrial park security.

Based on different subdivision industries, industrial park surveillance solution can be further divided into energy, steel, machinery, chemical surveillance solution and so on. Uniview has been dedicating to video surveillance industry for years, accumulated much experience and knowledge in varied industrial park projects. Uniview now present a comprehensive industrial park surveillance solution which can be applied to all kinds of industrial park surveillance projects.

Challenges and Solutions


  • Unauthorized entry
  • Terrorist attacks
  • Poor management of facilities, vehicles and personnel
  • Video surveillance in flammable and explosive areas
  • Need to quickly locate & inspect emergency


  • 7*24 No-blind spot HD video surveillance
  • Entrances & parking lot management
  • Explosion-proof IP cameras in flammable and explosive operating areas
  • Central management with an all-in-one, easy-to-use VMS
  • Multiple VMS functions help to locate emergency quickly

Industrial Park Scenarios

Solution Topology

Successful Cases

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