Product & Technology
Universal Block Storage (UBS)

As a critical part of video surveillance system, ensuring the recording of the video data is the key to keeping all of the necessary information. The current trend of video surveillance is to increase recording date and volume, which threatens the efficiency and reliability of the data.

To solve the problem, Uniview developed the innovative Universal Block Storage (UBS) technology. It ensures the safety of data while enhancing the efficiency.

Unlike the traditional file recording method which packs the video data into common file systems like FAT or NTFS and then write to hard disk, the Uniview UBS solution directly divides and maps the video data into hard disk data block, which forms the minimum data unit on hard disk.


Higher I/O Efficiency:
By using UBS technology, higher writing efficiency can be realized since it reduces all of the file packing and rewriting process, and directly writes to hard disk, reducing all the virtualization and data processing layer.

Secured Data:
In common file systems, the video is packed by common file format. Data is not secured. However, the UBS technology adopted private algorithm to do all of the data mapping. Hence, no method can directly view any video data from the hard disk.

Data Anti-theft and Accurate Playback Retrieval:
Due to the minimum size of data block and higher I/O efficiency, UBS is able to retrieve recording data which contains even less than 1 second video. Thus playback retrieval can narrow down to time scale less than 1 second, which provides accuracy in finding exact playback data required.

In common file recording system, if there is a sudden power shutdown when the recording is not packed into one complete file, the data will be totally lost from Flash. Which may contain a few seconds of video. As for UBS technology, because all the video data is mapped and written into hard disk in time, a sudden power shutdown will not affect the recording.

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