Uniview Brought the Latest Products to IFSEC International 2019

LONDON, June 20, 2019  -- Uniview, the pioneer and leader of IP video surveillance, brought a full range of product lines and solutions to IFSEC International, and unveil a host of its new product and technology developments.

During IFSEC International 2019, Uniview showcased a host of its latest products and technology developments, including Wi-Fi kit, mini PTZ, Doorbell, PixelSense and so on.

1. EZ Wall
EZ Wall starts the componentization era of decoding and screen control. It is powerful and has many advantages. It supports access of third-party IPC, NVR, applicable to various supplementary and renovation projects. It also features one-click operation, quickly displaying all channels on the video wall. With window opening, roaming, picture in picture, virtual LED and scene plan tour, it provides user-friendly experiences.

2. Mini PTZ Dome Series
The mic and speaker of our mini PTZ is on the pan-tilt head and rotates with the pan-tilt head to ensure that the sound is always in the same direction, so the monitoring picture and the sound is clearer. In comparison, other brands' loudspeaker is located on the base and does not rotate with the pan-tilt, which makes the picture and sound have different directions and affects the sound quality.

3. Uni OS
Adopting a new UI design, Uni OS optimizes the page logic of human-computer interaction. Gesture decoding can help to have faster and easier memory. Channel optimization can support thumbnails, easier camera positioning and configuration. Also, it has functions like intelligent face capture and storage, face VIP service, etc.

4. Doorbell
Uniview doorbell is a useful communication device, it helps users in securing premises. It features IP65 weather-resistant, crystal-clear 1080HD video as well as two-way communication. EZlive, the doorbell APP, can share the same account number with EZView, so as to work seamlessly when the user is switching.

Uniview insists on improving the quality of products to bring customers reliable products and solutions. We also provided IP67 experiments for attendees to experience its high-quality.

Uniview owns industry-leading technologies and solutions, and works tirelessly to build strong partnerships with global partners. In 2019, Uniview increased more than 400 high-end projects worldwide, and business covered more than 145 countries and regions. We provided personalized solutions for various industries. We will continuously develop new products for global markets and insist on bringing value to customers.

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